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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How long does it take to complete a website?
A: Depending on the complexity it can take up to seven days or longer.

Q: What are your terms to get started on building a website.
A: Again depending on the complexity we require at least 1/2 down to start the job.

Q: Why would anyone want or need a website today?
A: There are multiple reasons for obtaining a website, below I have listed the top17 most beneficial reasons for having a website.
1) Reach Millions of potential customers quickly and inexpensively.
2) Leverage your advertising dollars.
3) Increase your sales.
4) Brand your business and improve credibility.
5) Reduce the cost of print advertising, faxing, postage and handling.
6) Update information quickly.
7) Appeal to the visual side of people with photos, voice, video and text.
8) Offer online printable coupons to bring in more traffic to your business.
9) Provide unlimited and specific information about your business.
10) 24-7 round the clock convenience.  (E-Commerce, people shop after hours)
11) Test the market with new services and products.
12) Market expansion from local, national and global reaches.
13) Promote your Brick-N-Mortar presence with maps and directions.
14) Investor Relations - Showcase what you have accomplished.
15) Efficient, interactive e-mail communication.
16) Reduce customer service and staff cost.
17) Mobile Device GPS Lookups.




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